Have you found the one?

I’ve had failed relationships, went to different places, and tried social dating sites not knowing I would find my destiny in the most unexpected way, in the women’s cubicle. It was that day when all I wanted was to go by human nature, when I found this paper bag with a slice of pizza inside from the guy who I never knew would be the one. The rest is history.

Just kidding!!!! The paper bag with the slice of pizza is real though. Found it few days ago. It was so hilarious that I had to take a photo of it.

Translation of the note: “Hi. I hope you are finally the one who will have my heart. Destiny will bring us closer. This pizza is for you. – P.C. (his cell number). 25, M, Quezon city.”

I didn’t take the bag nor did I contact the number and I don’t know if someone accepted this offer. This however made me think how unconventional some love stories can be. Some people may find “the one” through friends or relatives, in social dating sites, in school, at a volunteer work, at the church, while on travel, at a restaurant, at work, at a concert, etc.

Every time, I fall for someone, I always ask “Is he the one for me?” but so far, the answer has been no.

I met my first boyfriend in school during the time when I was head-over-heels with another guy. I met him when I visited my classmate. He was nice and offered to help me with projects when he learned I am at the Computer Engineering department. At that time I didn’t know he meant to offer help with programming but I asked for his help with an English project. Hah! Relationship lasted for quite a while but yes, he’s not the one.

Few months from our breakup, I stuck myself at home.When I finally decided I want to move on, I sang my heart out. I went from one karaoke bar to another with people from different walks of life. This is when I met the second guy. Not much to tell about him except that he never made effort to see me. Definitely not the one.

When I finally decided I want to take a rest and be single, I never knew I would meet the third guy during the time when I just wanted to spend my weekends in front of a computer. This was the most circus-like relationship I  ever had. It was a long and miserable story but I’m glad it is over and that he is not the one.

I met other guys who I wanted to be with but for several different reasons, never made it to the “in a relationship” stage. It took a solo out-of-town vacation to mend my broken heart from all these failed attempts to forever. I was happy and content with being on my own when I caught my fourth guy’s attention. I was not feeling good that day and went to the clinic when he saw me. He didn’t take my name or my number though and I didn’t even notice his existence.

One day, my make-up artist friend needed photos for her site. The plan for a wedding look beauty shot ended with wedding day shots. It was meant to be solo shots but they decided to include a groom for me. I didn’t like the guy they paired me up with but on the day of the shoot, I didn’t know we would get along just fine. So yeah, I met guy number four wearing a wedding dress and him as my groom. Sadly, this fairy tale like love story didn’t last. Took a while before we both realized we’re not meant for each other no matter how hard we both try. He’s the best guy I’ve ever had so far which sometimes make me ask why he wasn’t the one.

I opened up myself to a variety of possibilities, but to this date, haven’t found Mr. Right. I may or may not find the one for me but the journey shouldn’t stop here.

So, have you found “the one?”



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